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It is safe to say that at this point, Pinterest is a staple in many of our lives. Since the end of 2009, it has become home to countless wedding ideas, recipes, fashion tips, helpful DIY’s, home décor and so much more. It’s a fun way to do research on current as well as up and coming trends and as a result, it’s made our lives easier by having endless numbers of resources for countless numbers of topics.

Pinterest has become a staple in the selection process for brides and grooms in helping them find inspiration for their color schemes, décor, attire, location and even catering. This social media platform has made life immensely less stressful because you no longer have to create your big day from scratch. Another perk is you are able to see your ideas and visions before you have to make that final decision. Sometimes after seeing photos of that dream color scheme and décor, you may decide it isn’t for you after all. Trends and tastes change and Pinterest keeps up with that.

Before you start thinking that Pinterest is only for brides and social media-crazed girls, it can also be a place of business. Businesses of all kinds are also using Pinterest to find inspiration as well as promote their brand, ideas and product. Event planners are using Pinterest to find inspiration, unique ideas and useful tips to help make each event different and exciting for clients and their guests. It also offers creative communication between planners and their clients. If the client has a Pinterest account, planners are able to look at their boards to see what their interests are and what inspires them, which in turn makes it a little easier when it comes to pitching ideas. Vice-versa, clients can look at the planners page to get inspiration or maybe they just want to see what the style of the company is and if it would be a good fit for that particular event. Pinterest also can help clients save money, either by offering endless money-saving DIY’s or even just by giving them a leg up so that they can do the majority of the planning themselves and bring their ideas to the event planner, which in turn, saves them more money.

Whatever you’re looking for, Pinterest has something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a recipe, a fitness routine or even travel inspiration and tips, we guarantee you will become addicted like the rest of us. Follow our Pinterest account to find out what inspires us daily!

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