Innovative Design and Concepts


At Elite OC Productions we strive to give our clients the most accurate portrayal of our design ideas and concepts for their events. We design storyboards with the actual colors, fabrics, pictures of the furnishings, and other design elements, so our clients can see and touch the proposed theme and décor components.

A further exceptional service we offer are custom hand-drawn event renderings that feature the design, décor, and layout of an event and provide a glimpse of the look, feel and flow of it. The depictions help translate the proposed colors, design, furnishings, entertainment, and schematic to help our clients visualize their party in great detail prior to the occasion. When compared to the actual event, the likeness is awe-inspiring.

Silent Auction Displays

Elite OC Productions offers the exclusive service of Silent and Live Auction Packaging. With 10+ years experience in the custom gift basket business, we are experts in auction packaging. Our professional ability to beautifully package donated acquisitions, along with our themed, color coordinated auction displays, have proven to net more monies for nonprofits. We understand how important it is to have an appealing and organized auction in order to maximize results.

Most importantly, we strive to understand the needs, wants and goals of board members, staff and committee members affiliated with a fundraising event. We also offer innovative ways to incorporate new, interactive ideas in a fun, fresh approach to fundraising.



Event Management

Vendor Management and Referral

We partner with talented experts to provide professional products and services for our clients. Moreover, we strive to build a respectful, amiable rapport with all our vendors to build long-term relationships. Our list of venues and event suppliers is extensive and caters to all kinds of needs and budgets. Most importantly, we do our upmost to work with and refer vendors with excellent customer service.

The event industry is exciting and ever-changing. Therefore, we are constantly searching and scrutinizing the marker for new, innovative and talented entertainers and suppliers too add to our top-rate vendor list.

We partner with talented experts to provide:

• Accommodations

• Audio/Visual

• Bar Tending

• Catering

• Consulting

• Décor

• Entertainment

• Floral Design

• Photography

• Printing and Design

• Props/Equipment

• Rental

• Security

• Silent/Live Auctions

• Speakers

• Transportation

• Valet Parking

• Venues

• Videography



Our expertise in the event industry provides consulting services to those clients who need assistance planning or pioneering an event. Our goal is to listen to the needs, wants and goals of our clients to help direct them to the right people, places or things to coordinate a successful event. We understand budgets, demographics and marketing, which are all important event considerations. Finally, we will strategize and work with our clients to formulate a blueprint for a successful and memorable event or promotion.


Our talented team and extended crew of staff members can provide excellent staffing services for any event. Our professional team is always commended on its excellent people skills and friendly assistance. We realize we are representatives of our client and quickly assimilate to their preferred manner and style to provide excellent guest services.

Venue Transformation

“We didn’t recognize the place!” is the sentiment we most often hear after we have worked our magic on a venue transformation. Our creative vision produces innovative makeovers, which continually transcend our client’s expectations. No space is too small or too large to morph into a themed party wonderland. Our team excels in creating incredibly beautiful event spaces out of empty ballrooms, outdated buildings or industrial warehouses. We are only limited by our imaginations (and sometimes the ceiling heights!).

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