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We’re currently obsessed with exotic looking centerpieces! While beautiful and elegant, these are not your typical centerpiece. while many of these beauties look simple and easy to duplicate, there are a few steps to creating a beautiful tropical centerpiece that is sure to “wow” guests and add to the lush and elegant ambiance of your event or home decor.

The first step to creating a fabulous centerpiece, regardless of the theme, is color scheme. For a tropical event or feel, you always want to use rich tones in bright and contrasting colors; for example, purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel, therefore make great compliments and are sure to be eye catching. Another color that is almost necessary to be present in a tropical centerpiece is green. Green is not only an interesting color choice for any centerpiece, it subconsciously symbolizes the theme of nature and rich life, which is sure to be found in any tropical area.

Another element to creating a luscious exotic centerpiece is using unexpected botanical’s. Some common examples of tropical and exotic plants would be anything from Birds of Paradise, Tiger Lillies, Lotus Flowers, or Orchids… even Pineapples could work!

Another important thing to remember when creating any centerpieces is to focus on balance and focal point. In a tropical centerpiece you don’t want the arrangement to look too heavy, this is turn may give the impression that you were trying very hard to make this piece, which is the opposite of easiness… probably the quintessential point of something that is tropical or exotic. Which brings me to the last point, Focal Point. As i mentioned you want the arrangement to look easy and and elegant at the same time, and the best way to create this vibe is choosing one focal point for your centerpiece, which should usually be the exotic plant element that was incorporated, a great example is the last arrangement in the photo with the pineapple, there is clearly one focal point in the arrangement and you quickly notice the pineapple without it looking too forced.

Hope we helped anyone out there who is in the prospects of throwing a tropical event or just adores the easy and glamorous vibe of exotica! We love sharing tips and tricks to making everyone a great event planner and making every event fun and memorable!

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