All White Everything

White parties have been an ever expanding trend for years and Elite OC Productions is so excited to be putting one together this weekend!

The ultimate white party is spent with close friends, drinking fabulous cocktails and enjoying delicious bite-sized food. Your white party can have a clean, modern vibe or you may opt for a retro chic look. When throwing an event like this, don’t forget to add your own personal touch. Ironically, when throwing a white party, the décor doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to an all-white color scheme… colored accents are a great way to add your own flair.

When choosing an accent color, think neutrals, ie. gold, blush, silver. Choosing a neutral accent keeps your event elegant, simple and fresh.  First thing you should consider when putting together your décor is seating… White lounge furniture with accented pillows for guests to relax is key. It is a good idea to have a few high cocktail tables with either white or accented linens where guests can enjoy their cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. As far as centerpieces go, keep it classy with simple white flowers in a clear vase. If your soiree is in the evening, make sure to consider lighting. String lights are always a good idea! White paper lanterns and candles will also add a beautiful glow to your event.

Incorporating a couple signature “white” cocktails is a fun and festive addition! To integrate your accent color, if you’ve chosen one, try decorating the rim of the glass with appropriately colored edible sprinkles. Your hors d’oeuvres should also represent the theme. Think white truffle mac and cheese, raviolis with a creamy white sauce, lemon sorbet, white cake pops etc. For dessert, you can also do an all-white candy or dessert bar! Mirrored trays are a great trick for adding depth to your food station.

As far as entertainment goes, a photo booth with all white props would go great with the theme. Another good idea would be to have the prints in black and white with your events “logo” and date at the bottom. You can opt for double prints and leave a clean, white guest book for your guests to stick their photo and leave you a nice message.  The photo booth will double as entertainment and a memento for your guests to remember your party by!

Did this inspire you to throw a white party? Post your pictures in the comment box below or tag us on social media!

white macarons white table white party white martini white chair white dessert


Travel the World

travel2Wanderlust…a strong desire to travel. Most of us have a severe case of it, especially during these warm summer months. If we had it our way, we would buy a one-way ticket with no end in sight. Alas, most of us have responsibilities that include jobs and families, so traveling for unknown amounts of time isn’t necessarily an option. Just because we can’t buy a one-way ticket with intentions of never coming back, vacations are a more reasonable option!

There are countless places to go and many ways to do it. First you must figure out if you want to stay within the US boundaries or if you want to go international. Once you’ve chosen your destination, figure out your budget. If you are in a position where money isn’t an issue, then choose a location, buy that plane ticket, book those hotels and go!

Unfortunately not all of us have that kind of luxury as traveling can get pricey. Let’s check out a couple budget-friendly travel options that will temporarily relieve our wanderlust symptoms.

travel 1All-inclusive hotels are the best way to get the most bang for your buck! When you book this type of vacation through a travel site, your one-time payment includes your round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, transportation to and from the hotel, free entertainment, plus all of your meals and drinks. The only sweat to be had will be from lying in the sun! These types of deals allow you to truly relax and enjoy your vacation without worrying about your wallet since everything is included in one incredible price. A lot of times, activities booked through your hotel can be included in that one price as well. Another fantastic plus is that you don’t have to budget the way you would if you stayed at a non-inclusive hotel and you also won’t come home to stacks of credit card bills.

travel4Hostels are another amazing budget-friendly idea that doesn’t tie you down to one place if you are looking to visit multiple cities in one trip. There are over 35,000 hostels in 180 countries so you can really go anywhere! There are several websites where you can plan your stays and book your hostels for a really great price. There are also group deals, so get your friends onboard and go see the world! Speaking of friends, hostels enable you to mix and interact with other like-minded travelers who can offer local recommendations which would make your trip more authentic. Another perk of staying in a hostel is you are able to save your money for experiences and activities. Also, many hostels have a small kitchen which opens the door for purchasing fresh ingredients from local markets and cooking some of your meals, which is another money saver!

Even if you are on a budget, there are still options for traveling! Find some open days and plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. Remember, jobs fill your pockets, adventures fill your soul. Happy travels!


Lunch on Wheels

foodtruck4Food trucks are an ever expanding trend that is hitting the event world by storm! These tasty trucks offer a wide range of options, from crepes to coffee to burgers to vegan dishes. There are food trucks for literally any and all types of food. They may not be the most formal way of sharing a meal with your guests, but it’s inexpensive and creative, which attendees will enjoy and your wallet will appreciate. Even if you choose to have a formal sit down dinner, food trucks are a great late-night treat for your guests! Let’s take a look at how they could benefit your event.

Food trucks are a great way to feed the masses. Something to keep in mind, one food truck can feed approximately 75-100 guests without creating long lines or waits for service. If you have more than 100 guests, consider hiring different types of food trucks. Both your guests and trucks will appreciate the variety. When considering hiring a food truck, think about your guests. Think about the type of audience you are feeding and what types of food will satisfy everyone. It is not uncommon for guests to not eat at events because they would rather be social than sit down to have dinner. The attendees of the event have the opportunity to mingle with this type of catering option. If you think the type of guests that will be at your event won’t appreciate having to wait in lines to get their meal, you can opt to hire servers. The servers can run the food from the trucks to the tables making it feel more formal and put together. Buffet style is also an option. Setting up a buffet that has the food from your food truck(s) allows guests to serve themselves in a more traditional way. Happy guests means successful event!foodtruck2

Worried about the budget? Hiring food trucks typically costs significantly less than traditional catering. Choosing a set menu for the food trucks can also help keep the cost down. Shop and compare truck costs and see what would best fit your budget and taste.

If you would rather have a traditionally catered main meal, try including a food truck before or after your event. Opt for a specialty truck during cocktail hour or after hours. After hours could be filled with savory tacos or crispy, loaded French fries for those who need a pick-me-up after a long night of champagne and dancing. Serving dessert from a food truck is also a fun idea! Regardless of when and where you decide to incorporate food trucks in your event, it’s important to give your guests options. Not everyone likes the same foods, some have allergies, some don’t eat meat, and some are just picky eaters. It’s crucial to pay attention and be sensitive to these types of things. Choices, Choices, Choices!

There are several ways to incorporate food trucks into your event. Always remember to consider the types of guests that will be attending your event and what style of food, style of service and style of seating would best fit their needs. Good food, happy guests, fantastic event!



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