Sun’s Out Fun’s Out

outdoor 2The beautiful outdoors have been calling our name this warm summer season! When the weather is warm, it’s inevitable to want to be outside in the sunshine breathing in the fresh air, so if you are going to be outside, why not party outside?! We are so incredibly blessed to be able to live in sunny California where we have the means to hold our events outdoors. Your event could be anything from a wedding to a birthday party or even a conference. No matter the type, outdoor events can be a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

There are several benefits to having your event in the great outdoors. For starters, outdoor events are typically more enjoyable for guests. What’s not to love about fresh air, natural sunlight and a beautiful sun kissed tan?! With outdoor events you are exposed to an abundance of natural sunlight and scenery, which makes for amazing photos. Guests also have more space and freedom to move around and be social. Events that are held in open outdoor spaces are a fresh change from your standard indoor event that is usually held in an impersonal hotel ballroom. Outdoor events have the personable effect of making guests feel like they are included in an experience rather than simply attending an event.outdoor

Regardless of the type of event you’re hosting, having it outdoors opens the possibilities of creating your event exactly the way you want it. It also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the natural resources available. There aren’t the restrictions you’ll typically find with indoor venues, such as space available, number of attendees allowed, preexisting décor and a constricting list of things you can and cannot do. This is not to say there won’t be any restrictions…it truly depends on the space you choose. On that note, don’t forget to look into obtaining the appropriate permits and licenses that are required to make your event happen! In general, with outdoor events, you are able to make the space your own and are far less limited in terms of logistics and activities; you are not limited to a four-walled space. You are able to begin with a clean slate and choose all of your décor and amenities that you really want and need to transform the space and make this event a spectacular experience for you guests.

Outdoor events do involve a lot more planning and organization than those held indoors, but this can be an advantage. Naturally you will begin to take more interest and make more decisions on the details of your event. Some people will thrive from this type of freedom in planning this type of event and some might feel a bit intimidated. If this seems too overwhelming, consider hiring an event company to guide you through the process! Event companies are there to assist you in creating your ideal event and make sure every aspect has been taken care of to make your vision come to life and make your event a success.

Outdoor events are such a wonderful alternative to an indoor event. Take advantage of the beautiful weather, natural colors, sunlight and scenery and create a memorable experience for your guests!outdoorevent4



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