Spin Into The Future With POPcycle

POP1At the UCI Mind World of Tomorrow Gala on May 16, 2015, POPcycle was one of our fabulous vendors that had an awesome, interactive booth promoting their business while supporting UCI Mind. At the event, they were selling classes for $200 per bike; 100% of the proceeds went straight to UCI Mind Alzheimer’s research. The UCI Mind class took place on Thursday, June 18, 2015. The theme of the class was “Spin into the Future”.  The Elite OC Productions team participated along with several other friends and supporters.

Elite OC Productions had a blast at the “Spin into the Future” event! The second we walked into the studio, we were greeted with a warm welcome from the owner herself and a thoughtful gift bag with the POPcylce essentials. They provided towels and even offered spin shoes to those who didn’t have their own. The room where it all happens is a large open space with mirrored walls all around. When you first walk in it’s all black light and the orange POPcycle logo on the bikes are glowing. Our instructor, Megan, was very nice and helpful; she made sure that she met everyone taking her class and helped set up the bikes to fit everyone’s needs.

Before class began, Megan stressed the point to go at your own pace and not to overdo it. The class itself was so much fun! It was not your typical spin class. The speakers are blaring fun, modern upbeat remixes to all of today’s hits and the lights change with the song and the level of intensity of the workout. Sometimes it’s black light and sometimes the lights are all red. When you are “walking it out” the lights go off and when the class gets more intense, the lights pulsate different colors. It’s honestly like being in a club…the lighting and the blaring music help to keep your mind off of how intense the workout is…it almost feels like you’re dancing. Megan was so much fun! She was very energetic and kept you motivated. She made you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Most of the time she was on the bike spinning with you, when she was off of the bike she was dancing and cheering you on.

We all had a really amazing time and it was an all-around fantastic experience for everyone! It was a good time for a good cause. Elite OC Productions will definitely be returning to enjoy some out of the office time together and get in shape for summer! Thank you, POPcycle! POP2 POP3 POP4

CASA Celebration of Children Black & White Ball


11118487_952336311467692_10598545577455415_nElite OC Productions partnered up with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) to help produce their annual CASA Celebration of Children Black & White Ball. This year marked the 30th anniversary for CASA of Orange County. 425 guests came together to participate in this wonderful celebration on April 18, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel.

The evening was filled with notable names such as; Mark Sanchez, NFL quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and former USC quarterback; Paul McDonald, former NFL and USC quarterback; and Young MC, rapper/singer. In addition to these special guests, CASA had a few of their own speak about the experiences and impact that CASA has had on them.

As guests began to arrive, they were invited to take photos in front of the step and repeat and mingle with a glass of wine or champagne. Out on the Sunset Terrace, there was a VIP party that included all of the event sponsors. Here, they were able to meet and greet with Mark Sanchez and enjoy the sunset while overlooking the ocean. Once the VIP party concluded, the main cocktail reception began. The reception included a hosted bar, a silent auction as well as various boards throughout the room where guests were able to donate $75 for a backpack for a child. The backpacks were brand new and filled with school supplies, which support their back to school program for the CASA children.

Inside the ballroom, the décor theme was modern, black, white and gold. We used a variety of different types of custom fabric tables and unique table designs.

The stage featured a custom backdrop that had white panels along the entire back of the stage and had a variety of oversized gold frames hanging along the wall with photos of CASA children. The gold frames were staggered along the wall and hung both horizontally and vertically. In front of the stage was a simple, clean white dancefloor.

The program for the evening was exciting as well as educational. Paul McDonald was the Master of Ceremonies and he was very energetic and engaging. He was able to keep the crowd focused and help them to understand CASA. Mark Sanchez, the Keynote Speaker for the evening, had spent time with some of the CASA children the day before the event so he was able to express his experience with CASA and the importance of what they do. Rick Werner, the auctioneer, and Paul McDonald worked together as a tag team during the Live Auction. They took turns describing the different items, such as a week’s stay in Phuket, a Once in a Lifetime Masters Golf Experience plus many more! The Youth Speaker, Austin, had the opportunity to share his experience as a CASA child. He is now going to college and living a successful life thanks to his CASA! At the end of the program, Young MC performed and brought everyone out of their seats! DJ Miles kept the music and fun going until the end of the night.

For the two Event Co-Chairs and the two Advisory Chairs, we created special VIP tables. There were four custom wrapped leather rectangular tables that were 20’ long and fit 24 guests created by Hire Elegance. Two of the tables were wrapped in black leather and had White Leather Milano Chairs from Hire Elegance that featured nail head details along the perimeter. On the black leather tables, we had White Croc Square Placemats with gold chargers. The centerpiece consisted of a long mirrored box down the middle of the table that featured rows of individual white roses. The other two tables were wrapped in white leather and had Black Milano Chairs from Hire Elegance that also featured nail head details along the perimeter. On these white leather tables, we had Black Croc Square Placemats with white chargers. The centerpieces were the same as the black leather tables with a long mirrored box down the center with individual white roses.

Along the perimeter of the room, there were risers that elevated the tables to ensure that all guests would have a great seat with a view. On each side of the risers, we had round tables with black linens, White Milano Leather Chairs and gold chargers. The centerpieces were three tall gold flute vases that had White Orchids spilling out with gold votives and candles surrounding. On the risers in the back center of the room, we had black leather wrapped rectangular tables with Black Milano Chairs with a white pad, gold chargers. The centerpieces were vertical white ceramic vases with Calla Lilies spilling out.

In front of the risers, we created two types of banquets that gave a club-like vibe. We alternated black leather wrapped round tables with a white banquet with clear ghost chairs and gold chargers on one side. On the other side, we alternated white leather wrapped round tables with a black banquet with clear ghost chairs and black chargers on the other side. Both banquet tables featured centerpieces with tall clear cylinders with black lamp shades on top which were held inside a bed of White Anemones that overflowed onto the table.

Throughout the ballroom there were two types of round tables with linens. One table design featured Wildflower Linen’s Rosa White Linen that had a beautiful rosette pattern, Black Milano Leather Chairs and black chargers. The centerpieces had vertical and horizontal gold metallic vases that had Calla Lilies pouring out with gold votives surrounding. The second round table design had a black linen with White Milano Leather Chairs and gold chargers. The centerpieces were the same as the first round table with vertical and horizontal gold metallic vases with Calla Lilies and gold votives.

This was a very successful event and Elite OC Productions was so thrilled to be a part of it. CASA raised more funds during the Fund-a-Mission than they ever have in the organizations history! The success of the event would not have been possible without all of the amazing vendors and sponsors that participated. Elite OC Productions loves working with CASA and is looking forward to many future events together!


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Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a time to recognize the father’s and father figures who have influenced your life. This relatively modern holiday has many different family traditions. Some celebrations include cards, gifts, going out to eat or just spending some quality time together. Of course we should recognize and spend time with our father’s everyday, sometimes life gets busy and hectic and disables us from doing so. This holiday is such the norm for us now, most people have no idea how it came to be.

Father’s Day was established a little over a century ago in Spokane, Washington by Sonora Dodd. Dodd was listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909 and decided she wanted to have a special day to honor her father, William Smart. Smart was a widowed Civil War veteran who raised six children as a single dad. Spokane’s mayor chose June 17, 1910 to celebrate the first Father’s Day because June was the month of Smart’s birth. It wasn’t until 1966 that the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers was issued by President Lyndon Johnson. President Johnson designated the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made this day permanent in 1972. Father’s Day has been celebrated annually since then. (http://www.census.gov/newsroom/facts-for-features/2014/cb14-ff14.html)

Now that we’ve all learned something, let’s look at some of the trending gift ideas for 2015!

The Whiskey Wedge: For those who enjoy an ice cold beverage after a long day…A specially designed glass that chills your favorite spirit without watering it down.


FathersDay Whiskey Glass


Drone: If your dad is a kid at heart, this is the perfect gift. They’re incredibly fun to fly and they’re becoming more affordable. What a great way to spend time together!


FathersDay Drone

Personalized Money Clip: For the dads who don’t like to use bulky wallets, a personalized money clip is a fabulous, sleek gift idea.


FathersDay MoneyClip

SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer: This one is for the golfers out there! This little device can improve your golf game dramatically. Attach the device to your club and receive instant feedback on your swing. There is even a 3D view of your swing so you can get a visual of what you’re doing wrong!


FathersDay  Golf SwingSmart

Fitbit: For the active men in your life, a Fitbit is a perfect gift idea! There are a few different options, depending on the level and intensity of daily activity. They range from counting your steps and calories all the way to a tiny smartphone on your wrist.


FathersDay Fitbit

A Card: For the men who already have it all! Your father will appreciate the sweet thought and kind words.

FathersDay Card

These are some great gift ideas for the father figure in your life! We know that all dads are different and have various interests so we tried to give a little taste of everything for every type of man. No matter which route you decide to go, it’s the thought that counts and the time you spend. Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there!!

American Heart Association

AHA8Elite OC Productions really enjoyed working on the 34th Annual Heart Ball for the American Heart Association. The gala took place on May 9, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. The Heart Ball is one of the premier fundraising events for the American Heart Association both locally and nationally. Elite OC Productions was responsible for the design & décor as well as the day of production.
The décor consisted of white, red, silver, pewter and a touch of gold. The stage inside of the ballroom had silver velour pipe and drape with crystal curtains hung in front of it. The crystal curtains were glistening and sparkling just like diamonds. The event program consisted of a Passion Speaker, Open Your Heart Fund-the-Need, Live Auction and a party that went on all night as guests danced the night away to Gene Press Orchestra’s amazing, energetic music.

Once guests entered the cocktail reception, they had the opportunity to take photos at the step and repeat and mingle with cocktails and a musical trio. As the ballroom doors opened and everyone started to enter, the Gene Press Orchestra was playing fun, upbeat music that sent guests straight to the dance floor.

The ballroom consisted of four different table designs. The first design was created for the three VIP tables. We used three 16’ rectangle tables that surrounded the perimeter of the dance floor. The linens on these tables were Shimmer Platinum from Wildflower Linen and Clear Chiavari Chairs with white pads. On the table, we had silver beaded glass chargers with ivory napkins that had a sparkling rhinestone band wrapped around them as well as custom menus that were also adorned with rhinestones. The centerpieces for the VIP tables were long mirrored runners that had a variety of silver and gold vases filled with beautiful red roses on top. These were surrounded by clear and gold votives and floating candles in glass hurricanes.

The second table design also had 8’ rectangle tables that surrounded the perimeter of the room. We used light silver linens with Clear Chiavari Chairs with white pads. There were silver beaded glass chargers with black napkins wrapped with rhinestone bands. We alternated the napkin fold for each place setting for these tables. The centerpieces were made up of one long 4’ mirrored box that went down the center of the table, filled with a bed of bright red roses.

For the third table design, we used round tables with Wildflower Linen’s Platinum King Linen that featured silver and pewter eclectic rings intertwined with flecks of sparkle and Clear Chiavari Chairs with white pads. On top of the table were black chargers with black napkins wrapped with rhinestone bands. The napkin folds were alternated for each place setting. The centerpieces were made up of contemporary white ceramic cases filled with beautiful red roses. Each of these tables had a vertical white vase and a horizontal white vase that had bunches of red roses coming out in different directions. To top it off, we added a variety of gold and pressed glass votives.

Finally, the fourth table design also consisted of round tables, but with ivory linens and gold chargers with black napkins wrapped with rhinestones. We alternated the napkin fold for each place setting on this table as well. The table had Clear Chiavari Chairs with white pads and centerpieces with tall antique silver vases that had a dramatic ball of red roses on top.

After the main event concluded, guests were invited to the After Glow After Party in a separate room, overlooking the ocean. They were greeted with champagne and wine as well as Black, Starr & Frost Gift Bags. The gift bags included custom Black, Starr & Frost slippers for guests to wear, as well as a variety of beauty products from different hair and fragrance sponsors. The room was lit up red and filled with floating candles. We incorporated white leather lounge furniture with red and silver pillows, cocktail tables with La Tavola’s Isabella Red Linen which featured textured roses. We also had a dessert table with La Tavola’s Isabella Platinum Linen which had a variety of mini sweet treats from Sweet & Saucy. Even the desserts were thematic! They were all red and white, some had hearts on them and some were even in the shape of a heart to go with the Heart Ball theme, such as heart shaped rice krispises and red velvet cupcakes with a heart chocolate as a topping. The desserts were displayed in a variety of glass containers on top of mirrored risers. In the center of the table, we used tall, clear cylinders with oversized balls of red roses on top.

Elite OC Productions loved working with this wonderful organization. The event had a spectacular turn out and we couldn’t have done it without all of our amazing vendors! We look forward to future events with the American Heart Association.


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