Creating Hope Alzheimer’s Association Gala 2015

5859Elite OC Productions was very excited to do the full production for the Alzheimer’s Association Creating Hope Gala on March 28, 2015 at the Balboa Bay Resort. The theme for the event was Country Garden Chic. We had a lot of fun playing around with this theme and coming up with unique ideas!

The event of course began with registration. We used purple linens and beautiful arrangements composed of different types of purple flowers and greenery. Here, guests were greeted with purple champagne, which is Alzheimer’s Associations signature color. The step and repeat was a creative custom piece! It was a 3-D step and repeat created out of white wood with the Alzheimer’s logo created out of purple wood. It consisted of different levels of galvanized buckets filled with purple and green wildflowers. This photographed very well and guests loved the concept!

At the cocktail reception, we used cocktail tables with shimmery purple linens and burlap ties. The centerpieces were pretty purple flowers inside small, grey distressed wooden containers. During the reception, there were “live” centerpieces. These centerpieces were girls with beautiful, elaborate flower headpieces and vines wrapped around their bodies standing inside of a large pot. The girls were holding signs with hopeful and inspirational messages that tied in with the Creating Hope themed gala.

Just outside the cocktail reception, there was a super silent auction. There were approximately 12 items total. These tables were draped with apple green linens and decorated with burlap and distressed wooden frames that had descriptions of each item. Glass bottles with purple and green wildflowers accented the tables. There was also a door prize where guests were able to give their contact information for a chance to win a prize. While guests were enjoying the super silent auction and door prize area, there were some amazing tray passed Hors d’ouerves that consisted of Cucumber Hummus bites, Beef Wellingtons and more! The Hors d’ouerves were chosen to accommodate everyone’s palette and represent the garden theme. They were served on wooden trays to tie in with the theme.
When the ballroom doors were about to open for the main event, the flower girls emerged out of their pots and guided guests into the ballroom. The perimeters of the room were lined with real 12-18 foot trees that had twinkle lights wrapped around them.

The ballroom was set up with a few different designs. The room had risers in the back so that the tables could be elevated and there would be no bad seat in the house! These back tables were surrounded by string market lights. We had round tables with Green Lily Pad linens and dark wood farmhouse cross back chairs. The centerpieces for these tables were tall rod iron candelabras wrapped in vines with an abundance of purple flowers and greenery. Some of the tables were custom rectangular tables that were wrapped in buckwheat and had matching distressed cane back chairs. The centerpiece was an extra-long wooden box filled with purple flowers, greenery and staggered floating candles. This created one long floral table runner. There were also rectangular wooden tables with distressed wood farmhouse cross back chairs that also had long floral table runners. Lastly, we had custom round tables wrapped in brown leather that had brown rimmed chairs with ivory pads. These centerpieces consisted of different sized wooden boxes and a variety of mason jars and glass bottles filled with purple flowers and greenery. The VIP tables had rosemary and twine wrapped around the napkins. All of the tables and chairs were provided by Hire Elegance.

The stage was designed with wooden panels with purple flowers hung upside down. The Alzheimer’s logo was set on the wooden panels and there were green hedges on either side. The opening act was a ballet dance to “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz. After the opening performance, the Chick Band Performed throughout the evening.

As guests left the event, there was a candy bar display with a variety of purple and white candy. We used a shimmery purple linen and adorned the table with purple flower arrangements and vines to add the garden feel.
The turnout for this event was fantastic! Guests really enjoyed the event and all of the fun, unique elements.

Elite OC Productions loves working with Alzheimer’s Association and looks forward to exceeding everyone’s expectations again next year!

















Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! It’s time to start thinking of special ideas to surprise your own personal Wonder Woman with. Moms are not only one of the best friends you will ever have, they also have spent years and countless hours doing everything for their families…It’s time to celebrate the woman who knows you best. It’s important to make this day count and show her some of that selfless love!

Depending on the type of person your mom is she could appreciate something as simple as a day to herself or maybe there is something special she has been wanting for a while. Either way, put some thought into it because after all, it’s the thought that counts!

Let’s look at my top 5 favorite trending gift ideas:
1. Create a basket and fill it with a few of her favorite things! Throw in her favorite lotion, nail polish, candy, maybe a photo of you and your siblings and a gift card for a massage. Whatever you decide to add, get creative and personalize it…make it special!
2. Does your mom have photos of the family lying around waiting to be framed or printed off of her camera? This is an opportunity for a perfect gift. Print or gather the photos and purchase some frames or take the photos in for customized framing. This will not only cross off an item on her to-do list but she will be able to relive the moment every day when she looks at the nicely framed photos on the wall.
3. Give her a day to herself. This might mean getting everyone out of the house for the day or sending her off for a massage. She spends everyday living and breathing for you so today let her be selfish. If she is out of the house all day, clean the house and make a nice dinner for when she comes back. If she would rather have a day to herself at the house, bring home dinner and some flowers or take her out to her favorite restaurant!
4. Make her breakfast! Something as simple as making your mom breakfast before she wakes up is thoughtful and sweet. She has probably made you breakfast countless times so repaying the favor is a very nice and simple gesture.
5. Has your mom wanted to visit somewhere nearby? Take her there for the day or even for the weekend! Once you get to your destination you can relax by the pool, get a massage or go venture around town. No matter what you do, you will be spending quality time together and creating fun family memories.

These are a few ideas, but you know your mom best so whatever you decide to do for her, make sure it’s thoughtful! Do you have other ideas? Leave them in the comment box below!

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