Easter Eggs

Easter is a time for family, Easter baskets, decorating Easter eggs and don’t forget the Easter egg hunts! As a kid, Easter was one of the most exciting days of the year. Between dying and decorating your eggs and waiting for the Easter Bunny to come hide your eggs and bring you your basket filled with goodies, It’s non-stop thrills! So why not get those creative juices flowing and create a memorable experience for your kids? Let’s explore some unique ways for decorating Easter eggs!

Melted Crayons: You will need hard-boiled eggs and crayons. Once your eggs are finished boiling, let them sit for 1-2 minutes. Then take a crayon and start drawing! Since the eggs are so hot still, they crayon will begin to melt creating colorful waxy designs. *Note* The eggs will be extremely hot so make sure to place them back in the carton before decorating!

Melted Crayon Eggs

Shaving Cream (or Cool Whip): You will need hard-boiled eggs, shaving cream (or cool whip) and neon food coloring. Add the neon food coloring to (foam) shaving cream…It’s best to mix 2 colors together, the eggs will come out cooler! Add a few drops of each color, mix with a fork and let the egg sit for about 30-45 minutes. *NOTE* IF USING SHAVING CREAM, DO NOT EAT THE EGGS!

shaving cream eggs

Watercolor: You will need hard-boiled eggs, Crayola watercolor paint and watercolor pencils. Start by painting a wash of color all over the egg. While the paint is still wet, draw shapes with your brush and let the paint drip onto the egg. Use your watercolor pencils to draw on the surface while the paint is still wet…let it dry and voila!

watercolor eggs

Try out one or all of these Easter egg decorating ideas and post your results in the comment box below! We hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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