Free Wheelchair Mission

_Z4A7735Elite OC Productions was happy to help out with the Free Wheelchair Mission’s 11th annual “Magic of Mobility” Gala on July 22nd, 2014 at the Hilton Orange County Costa Mesa. For this event, we put together the silent auction.

Free Wheelchair Mission is an amazing non-profit organization that provides wheelchairs to those who are living in poverty in developing nations with disabilities. They have sent wheelchairs to hundreds of thousands of people around the world, giving them the gift of mobility as well as dignity, independence and hope. Free Wheelchair’s vision is to transform the lives of 100,000 people with disabilities in 2014.

The 11th annual “Magic of Mobility” Gala is the premier fundraising event for Free Wheelchair Mission. The event includes a silent and live auction, fine cuisine stations, live music, and an opportunity to meet with a wheelchair recipient and hear how a wheelchair changed their lives forever. This year, the Magic of Mobility 2014 Recipient was Manuel de Jesus from El Salvador. The goal is to provide the gift of mobility to 16,850 people waiting around the world.

Elite OC Productions was involved with the silent auction. We packaged and designed the silent auction items and display. Elite OC Productions put together the baskets and created beautiful bows out of royal blue raffia with thin white and gold ribbon to match the event décor and theme. We typed up the description boards for certificate items and mounted them to brown fabric boards. Elite OC Productions delivered all of the items on the day of the event and designed the silent auction layout.

Free Wheelchair Mission stands for a wonderful cause and Elite OC Productions is always happy to work with them. They had a very successful event and look forward to even more success to come.

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UCI Mind 2014

10413347_784544351580223_6735190460156790830_nElite OC Productions produced the entire event for UCI Mind. This event was held on May 31st, 2014 from 6PM-11PM at the Lyon Air Museum. The theme for this event was a black and white “Classic Hollywood”.

The museum is filled with old fighter jets and classic cars, so the museum alone gave the classic Hollywood feel. To enhance Classic Hollywood theme in the space, a red carpet led the way the entrance of the museum. The registration table was adorned with jewels and black a nd white cut outs of famous celebrity faces from the 1930’s were placed along the table as well. During the cocktail reception, guests had the opportunity to take photos in an old Hollywood set using vintage Polaroid’s. Even the silent auction coincided with the Classic Hollywood theme! The silent auction was packaged in sleek black boxes with over the top bows. Throughout the silent auction space, there were images of Classic Hollywood icons such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Everything down to the item numbers screamed Hollywood with famous celebrity photos on the item sheet.

Although the event was “Classic Hollywood”, we decided to go a little bit more modern and use Auctions By Cellular (ABC) for the silent auction instead of physical bid sheets. ABC is an electronic bidding company that uses electronic devices such as smart phones and Ipads. This was extremely beneficial to UCI Mind because it allowed guests to bid throughout the night, even into the program, therefore raising even more money. Guests also really enjoyed this convenient feature!

Another fun feature of the evening was cheese and cracker pairing stations. Rather than the traditional wine and cheese pairing, these stations were paired with champagne, prosecco, whiskey, rum, tequila, and beer. This was a big hit among guests.

We used white pipe and drape to create a separate space for the main room. This room was closed off during the cocktail reception. For the big reveal there were men in black suits with white gloves and black top hats that pulled back the drapes for the reveal. The main room consisted of an assortment of square, rectangle, and round tables that were all covered with white linens. The centerpieces were a mixture of tall silver vases and short uniquely angled vases all filled with Million Stars.

The program for the evening kicked off with an entertainment piece that replicated a Humphrey Bogart dancing scene. There were seven dancers who recreated the amazing five-minute musical number. The rest of the program was filled with speeches from the chairs, a welcome from the chancellor, and a video about UCI Mind. There was not a live auction, only a fund-a-mission that was done using the guest’s smart phones. UCI Mind was able to raise a much more significant amount of money doing it this way. As they were making their donations on their phones, the guests were able to see a virtual thermometer on the screens, which filled up as guests made donations. During the program, guests experienced a wonderful three-course meal consisting of salad, lamb and of course, dessert. The evening’s program concluded with a dance performance to “Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

After the program, there was another reveal into the after party. The décor of the after party consisted of silver sofas and different colored pillows. There were casino games for entertainment and the “Dessert Lab” hosted the dessert bar. The “Dessert Lab” provided an array of cake pops and unique mini cheesecake bites; some flavors included PB&J and Lime. These desserts were all paired with different wines served in test tubes. For the rest of the evening, guests danced, played casino games, and enjoyed the fun desserts.

Elite OC Productions was in charge of the full décor and vendor arrangements as well as the packaging and display of the silent auction. This was a very successful evening. UCI Mind raised the funds needed for the year and the guests had an amazing time. This was definitely a night to remember!

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