Alzheimer’s Association’s “Creating Hope” Gala

Celebrating Hope 2014Linda Young’s Elite OC Productions was in charge of the full production for the Alzheimer’s Association Orange County’s “Creating Hope” Gala at the Balboa Bay Resort.  The fundraiser, which drew nearly 300 guests, featured a terrific dinner, libations – President/CEO Jim McAleer’s purple (the Alzheimer’s Association’s official color) martini – unique entertainment and a performance by celebrity entertainer Taylor Hicks, American Idol’s Season 5 winner.

Elite organized and managed the meetings with the Alzheimer’s Association to plan the event and proposed the design and concept revolving around the “Creating Hope” theme. “Hopeful” moments were created during the reception by featuring volunteers dressed as famous people such as Albert Einstein, Jackie Robinson, Man on the Moon, Rosie the Riveter, Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Mt. Everest, and others.  The artful presentation showed each person with a large picture frame over one shoulder, as they walked through the crowd. Guests could also have a fun photo opportunity standing inside a large silver frame with a variety of purple props.

Elite worked closely with its vendors to create the beautiful ballroom design, which included draping the ballroom walls from ceiling to floor in white with purple and pink uplights. Round tables with purple linens were featured in the center of the ballroom, with a mix of rectangular tables wrapped in a silver/gray fabric. Along the walls, silver/gray wrapped round tables were on risers for a better view and showcased white banquettes against the walls and ghost chairs on the opposite side. The table centerpieces featured white florals with LED lights changing colors.

The entertainment, which Elite arranged, featured a fire dancer during the cocktail reception and a Cirque de Soleil??-style two-person balancing act opening the gala after guests were seated. Elite also packaged the live auction items and created a looping powerpoint of all sponsor logos and electronic program ads displayed on plasmas during the cocktail reception. The program powerpoint with looping logos and sponsors was created by Elite as well as the event signage.

Elite organized and assisted with the honoree video production, which included managing and organizing the meetings with them to be filmed. They also created the “Creating Hope” video played during the program. The honorees included: Care Corporate Partner, Jeanne and Brett Lawrence; Volunteer Partner, Jody Hudson; Community Partner, Don Palmer; and Philanthropy Partner, Dr. Jacqueline DuPont.  Elite coordinated the installation and strike the day of the gala and created the volunteer timeline and assisted in managing them.

The gala netted $525,000, which will allow AAOC to continue providing free care and services to those affected with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as to fund further treatment research, ensuring that more matter the diagnosis, families and patients should always hold onto hope.

Alzheimers Evening of Hope

Alzheimers Evening of Hope

Alzheimers Evening of Hope

Alzheimers Evening of Hope

Alzheimers Evening of Hope

Alzheimers Evening of Hope

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