How-To Tuesday: Simple Tips for Throwing a Fabulous Party


Here are some simple and fool proof tips for throwing a fabulous fete!

Hosting a get-together doesn’t have to mean spending a ton of cash and slaving away in the kitchen all day. Whether you’re having an intimate dinner party or a larger gathering, no one will want to miss your fiesta.

Setting the Mood
1. Try this cheapo and festive decorating trick: Fill vases and hurricane candleholders with fresh cranberries. Stick a sprig of evergreen in the center and place the arrangements around your living room.

2. Pick up some pinecones (free from your backyard or über-cheap at a craft store) and brush a drop of glue over each one. Then dust with silver or gold glitter and place in a large bowl. Use as a centerpiece or on end tables and the coffee table.

3. Make a playlist rather than putting your iPod on random. Try sticking to upbeat, festive music for cocktail hour and mellow tunes for dinner.

4. You don’t have to deep-clean your pad before a party, but you should stash clutter. Use decorative tins, baskets, and hampers to hide messes. Or if you’re really pressed for time, toss everything in your boudoir and declare that room off-limits.

Fabulous-and Fast-Food
5. At a dinner party, serve simple comfort foods like meatloaf or fried chicken. They’re crowd-pleasers and don’t require a lot of effort to cook. Plus, these atypical main dishes are awesome icebreakers.

6. If you’re pressed for time, pick up a rotisserie chicken and place it on a pretty serving platter. Serve it with a few easy side dishes like steamed veggies or potatoes. Let ‘em think it’s homemade.

7. Go from chips and dip to haute hors d’oeuvres. Pick up some cheeses, olives, salami, and prosciutto from an Italian deli or grocery store. Arrange them on a plate for a quick antipasto platter.

8. Simple food is a parties best friend! Keep jars of roasted red peppers and artichoke hearts on hand. Put the veggies on a piece of bread along with cheese, throw it on the grill, and voilà! Delicious snacks that feel gourmet. Bonus tip: If it’s not a sit-down dinner party, place the bar on the opposite side of the room from the food to encourage mingling.

Luxe Libations
9. Break out the bubbly, girl! Champagne never goes out of style, and it makes any party feel instantly sophisticated. Prosecco tastes almost as good and costs a fraction of the price.

10. Forgo the full bar and instead serve up one signature cocktail. Treats your guests to a big pitcher of sangria.

11. Designated drivers and nondrinkers shouldn’t be forced to drink water all night. Offer them this simple but chic sip: club soda with a splash of fruit juice and a few pieces of sliced fruit.

Memorable Monday: It’s never too early…

…to start thinking about your holiday entertaining.  We’ve already started brainstorming about Holiday 2013 in our office.  Here’s a Memorable Monday to some of our 2012 holiday season.

Assistance League of Saddleback Valley’s 24th Annual Christmas Tree Luncheon

Assistance League of Saddleback Valley’s 24th Annual Christmas Tree LuncheonLinda Young and Elite OC Productions, responsible for the visual presentation of the Assistance League of Saddleback Valley’s 24th Annual “Joy of Giving” Christmas Tree Luncheon at the Balboa Bay Club & Resort in Newport Beach, oversaw a holiday soiree featuring green, red and gold décor.

The holiday table centerpieces carried out the holiday color theme with greenery, holly and pine cone accents. Elite also orchestrated the presentation of the raffle baskets in the ballroom lobby, which included some decorated Christmas trees, while the silent and live auctions, which featured 228 basket and individual items such as Christmas wreaths, were featured in the ballroom, which was also decorated with a wealth of Christmas trees.

The holiday fundraiser drew nearly 300 guests, and net proceeds were estimated at $110,000 for the Assistance League of Saddleback Valley’s mission to provide services to children, families and the elderly in the Saddleback Valley communities.

Friends of CASA’s Holiday Luncheon and Fashion Show

Friends of CASA’s Holiday Luncheon and Fashion ShowLinda Young of Elite OC Productions shared that the vision for the Friends of CASA Holiday Luncheon at the St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach was to feature the signature colors of fashion presenter, Diane von Furstenberg. Those colors, gardenia (white) and pink, were shown in the table décor, which featured white pique table covers and centerpieces with pink cymbidium orchids and pink hydrangeas. Pink lighting, which enhanced the ballroom walls and ceiling, added to the ambience.

Elite also implemented the huge silent auction setup on the St. Regis back lawn, which included a culinary demonstration by Top Chef Miami finalist Brian Malarkey. Another highlight Elite was responsible for was showcasing in the ballroom lobby the six “Starfish Wish” Christmas trees, which featured pink and silver ornaments with individual wishes made by foster children.

The event, which showcased a top-notch runway fashion show by Diane von Furstenberg, a keynote address by noted FOX 11 News personality Christine Devine and a performance by singer/songwriter Michael Johns, netted $225,000 for the nonprofit’s mission of providing trained, court-appointed volunteer advocates for abused, abandoned or neglected children.

Friends of CASA’s Holiday Luncheon and Fashion Show Friends of CASA’s Holiday Luncheon and Fashion Show Assistance League of Saddleback Valley’s 24th Annual Christmas Tree Luncheon

Floral Friday: Submerged Flowers


If you’re looking for a beautiful, modern centerpiece that is easy on the wallet and can be done yourself, these submerged flower centerpieces are for you! Submerged flower centerpieces have been all the rage the past year or two..and why wouldn’t they be? They look so elegant and contemporary plus you don’t need a ton of flowers to make a big impact. Tulips and orchids look stunning..but so can many other flowers (and branches too!).

The project itself is really simple! The biggest problem you are going to have is getting them to your venue. Some people recommend seeing if you can bring the weighted flowers, stones and distilled water to the venue the night before and set it up to avoid transportation issues. Otherwise make sure they are secure in your vehicle and not completely full of water (enough to allow the flower to drink). Finish filling them up once they are at your venue!

Thankful Thursday: Thankful for Technology


Technology has become an integral part of our daily life because it provides society with faster and more efficient methods for a variety of purposes, such as communication and research. Technology can provide growth and advancements for the population, helping with things in our everyday lives!

1. Technology represents the innovation of man, and increasing advancement in human society.

2. Technology assists us in everyday tasks, from heating our food to printing our news.

3. Technology assists in quick communication, such as E-mail or Telephone, to contact one another with ease. is supposed to make our lives easier by coming up with ways to improve them.

5.Energy innovations are the key to meeting our future power needs while protecting our environment, and technology holds extraordinary promise for the future of education.

6. Technological Innovations improve our quality of life… from new drugs and cures that help people live longer and healthier lives, to agricultural advances that permit more bountiful harvests with less herbicides and pesticides.

Silent Auction Creativity

Silent Auction CreativityElite OC Productions designed and customized creative silent auction description boards and item displays to go with the Age Well Seniors’ event theme, “Saturday Night Fever.”  Held at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel, Elite packaged all the silent auction items and brought them to the hotel, where they implemented the layout of the silent auction area. They also brought in wine rack walls to display the bottoms of wine bottles for a wine raffle.

The Elite team worked closely with BidHelpers, who managed the registration, silent and live auctions and check-out the night of the event. Their assistance included helping input guest names to pre-authorize their credit cards at registration, helping record the live auction bids and pledges and helping at guest check-out, where guests picked up their auction items and wines from the wine rack wall.

The dinner dance netted $108,000 to help the nonprofit provide more than 500,000 meals annually to seniors who are living at home and unable to prepare or obtain their own meals.

Silent Auction Creativity

Silent Auction Creativity

Silent Auction Creativity


World-Class Luxury at The Curator

World-Class Luxury at The CuratorElite OC Productions created the design concepts and ideas in collaboration with SANDOW Media for the invitation-only Curator luxury event, which connects affluent consumers to world-class luxury products and services from the most desired brands. Held at the William Lyon Air Museum at John Wayne Airport, among those brands showcasing their newest products were Singapore Air, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Samsung, BMW, Porsche Design, Martin Katz, Euro Copter, Sentient Jet, Worth Magazine, AIG, and many more.

Elite designed vignettes for each luxury brand featuring 1930’s-1940’s décor with vintage furniture, movie posters and other props, and in keeping with the theme, models dressed as 1940’s “stewardesses,” pilots and bombardiers interacted with guests. Paparazzi dressed in vintage attire took photos of guests, making them feel like celebrities, and Mastro’s catered the first-class event by providing a varied cuisine featuring an assortment of charcuterie, breads and cheeses, lobster, a meat carving station, sushi display, and assorted desserts. Guests could wander throughout the air museum and out on the tarmac to view vintage airplanes and cars while perusing the luxury offerings and enjoying the ‘40s musical offerings of the vintage-attired live band.

Elite arranged for all rentals, décor elements, entertainment, and signage, as well as orchestrated the set-up the day before and day of. Registration, which included checking in guests via iPads was also handled by Elite, as well as monitoring and managing the entire event.

 World-Class Luxury at The Curator

World-Class Luxury at The Curator



How-To Tuesday: Outdoor Lighting DIYs to Brighten Up Your Summer


Summer is right around the corner, and the only thing better than summer days are Summer nights, where there’s no better way to relax than in beautiful ambient lighting

1)   Grapevine Lights

Make balls from grapevines (or wires if you don’t live on a farm) and wrap icicle lights around them to create glimmering orbs.

Follow this tutorial for more detailed instructions…

2)   Seashell lights

String seashells in tea lights or use them as a base for candles.

Check out this tutorial for more info…

3)   Wine Glass Chandeliers

Turn sheets of vellum into little lampshades for wine glasses with this simple tutorial.

4)   Cupcake Lights

Who knew cupcake liners made for sweet decor? Cut a small X in the top of a liner and secure it around the bulbs on a string of lights. Check this out for a detailed tutorial

5)   Hanging Tea Lights

Simply hang tea lights from a tree with colorful ribbons and pretty bows.


Memorable Monday: UCI MIND Time of Your Life 2012


Elite OC Productions partnered up with UCI MIND Time of Your Life to raise  funds for Alzheimer’s research and raised over $100,000.  Last year the event was held at the Center Club in Orange County and guests experienced a blast from the past, going back to 1960’s, a decade when many of those suffering from Alzheimer’s today had no idea about the disease.  We recreated that memorable era in their honor and it was an incredible party!

 But wait, this party hasn’t stopped! This year, Elite OC Productions has partnered with UCI MIND again, to create another Time of Your Life event. At Time of Your Life 2013 we will celebrate the holidays – then and now.  In collaboration with Elite OC Productions, we will present an array of memorable holiday experiences at the Hangar at the Orange County Fairgrounds.  The space will be transformed into virtual holiday video experiences.  Guests will celebrate Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Winter Holidays and a Happy New Year’s Eve Countdown in the Big Apple.  There will be food and drinks galore.  Entertainment.  A unique auction.  Music and dancing.  The event will last from 5:30 to Midnight on Saturday, June 22, 2013. Get your holiday outfits on, and purchase tickets at! We look forward to seeing you there this year!


Floral Friday: Chandelier Centerpieces




























There’s nothing more showstopping than beautiful chandelier centerpieces! These beauties wont fail to hail tons of attention at any gathering, big or small!

There are so many ways to create a successful chandelier centerpiece, you can make them short or tall, big or small but no matter what size they will definitely sparkle all through the night and create a wonderful ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy! One type of chandelier centerpiece we love to use at Elite OC Productions are super tall dangling crystal ones that look great with fuchsia or violet colored flowers or for a more elegant red carpet feel you could substitute the pink for luscious red roses. Another reason chandelier centerpieces are a great idea for your event is the versatility of the type of style you could go for. You can create a more modern feel with orchids or possibly some branches atop the flowers as seen in the photo. The centerpieces also look classic and elegant with dangling crystals and red roses. These stunning spectacles are perfect for any event, they will surely add a huge touch of sparkle and glamour to your wedding or anniversary!

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