Thankful Thursday: California Living


California, One of the most beautiful places in the United States, if not the world. Here at Elite OC Productions we feel super thankful and blessed to live in one of the greatest places on Earth! Here are some reasons we should all feel blessed to live in the beautiful sunny state of California!

1. 840 miles of beautiful coastline

Pacific Coast Highway is rated as one of the most beautiful drives in the world. This read that runs from North to South of California should be on everyone’s road trip list. California coastline is extremely diverse and will take you through 3 great cities, LA, San Francisco, and San Diego. No one in California lives too far away from the beach!

 1. We’ve got the best weather in the world

If there’s one stereotype that is quite true about California, it has to be the weather. It is almost always sunny and beautiful even during the winter. As we watch other states suffer heavy rain or snow storm in January, many of us are out hitting the beach or hiking the mountains.

3. Home of the applications and most of your movie collections

Yes, we are the home of world’s largest search engine and number one social media. Yelp, Google, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and many other tech companies are located in Northern California. What causes such a big concentration of awesome companies that make cool apps in one state? Well, beside the fact that California is awesome, we also have great universities that graduate talented people every year. From USC, UCLA, Standford, Berkeley, and Chapman, some of the best talents and entrepreneurs are already in California.

4. The great outdoors

Los Angeles may be one of the most populous cities in the country, but with millions of acres of wilderness, California also has plenty of green spaces. Sequoia & Kings Canyon, Redwoods, Death Valley, and Yosemite are some of the most visited national parks in the country. One of the best thing about living in California is how easily access these amazing wilderness places is. Within a couple of hours drive from big cities like LA, San Francisco, and San Diego, you will find yourself surrounded by big trees and tall mountains.

5. Who said it doesn’t snow in California?

Yes, we are not covered in 50 feet of snow in January and our fountains don’t turn into iceskating rink, but there’s plenty of snow in California. Californias are made fun of for not getting the full winter experience. Well, we say who wants to dig themselves out of their home and jump start their cars every morning? We have the convenience of not having to carry tire chains everywhere. However, if we ever want to play in the snow, the nearest mountain is an hour away!

6. We have the entire world here… literally

San Francisco, Vallejo-Fairfield, and Stockton are the top 3 most diverse cities in the country, and they are all in California. LA is the home to the largest Thai Town, Little Toyko, Little Ethiopia, and San Francisco has the biggest China Town. This beautiful state may be one of the only few places where you never have to leave to experience every other culture.

7. In-N-Out

Although we can indulge our tummy with great delicious food everyday, sometimes, Californians just want juicy and cheesy burgers! In-N-Out is not just a burger joint. It’s a culture. Although the burger chain has most of its stores in California and a few in Nevada and other nearby states, its popularity is global and some may even consider In-N-Out a tourist attraction on the same level as the Hollywood Sign or Griffith Park! If there’s one thing that every Californian agrees on its the fact that In-N-Out is awesome.

There you have it! hope this post makes everyone (Californians at least) feel a little more thankful about our home land!

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