How-To Tuesday: 6 Creative DIY Lighting Ideas!
























Today we want to share some simple yet dramatic DIY lighting ideas for any small party, large event, or even just to enhance and add creative ambiance to your home!

1) Whimsical Lit Clouds – These dramatic clouds are so beautiful and lush looking, they would be great for a child’s party, baby shower, or even great home decor!

2) Simple Straw Chandelier – Who would have thought that this chic and sophisticated chandelier was made from some plastic straws!

3) Printer Light Houses – These simply creative light fixtures are so unique and special, no one would believe you came up with it yourself(we wont tell)!

4) Paper House Chandelier – Similar to the Printer light houses, but for a more intermediate DIYer… This fixture would look super cute in anyone’s home!


5) Mirror Light Curtain – Super simple, yet super chic!

6) Tulle Fairy Light Headboard – An inexpensive and unique substitution of your basic boring headboard.

Memorable Monday: Time of Your Life 2012

Today we want to remember our 60’s themed Time of Your Life event benefiting UCI Mind. This event was such a huge success! Not only did all of the guests have an amazing time with the event design and fun activities, but we also helped raise over $100,000 for a great cause!

At this fabulous event that was hosted at The Center Club at Segerstrom Center for the Arts, we had 7 separate rooms that we thought represented the 1960’s: Motown room, British Invasion, TV Land, Supper Club, Future room, and a 60’s beach room.. all of the rooms had fun activities, refreshments, and different forms of entertainment.

One of the most important parts of our events is the fundraising, since we usually work with non-profit organizations, we always try to figure out creative ways to fund raise. One fun way we raised money for UCI Mind was having a 60’s False Eyelashes booth where guests could get their 60’s lashes done for a donation of $25.00, in doing this we created a fun way to raise money while tying in the 60’s theme.

All in all, this event was a huge success and we cant wait for the next Time of Your Life event coming up this year! Memorable Monday

Floral Friday: Roses

Flowers can play a big role in any huge event, small gathering, or even an intimate night with your loved one. So why do we, as humans love flowers so much? Maybe because they are a gratuitous symbolic display of ones emotions, or maybe because we’ve grown to subconsciously associate them with the idea of growth and abundance… whatever the reason may be, at Elite OC Productions we love flowers because they’re pretty! Beautiful flowers always play a big role in our events, so we want to dedicate our Fridays from now on to enchanting, aromatic, fabulous flowers!

We would like to donate this Floral Friday to roses.

To start out our dedication to all the marvelous roses out there here are some fun-facts about roses:

  • Roses are valued for their romantic symbolism but their blooms are also edible.
  • The rose is named as the favorite flower of 85% of Americans.
  • A fossilized rose – over 35 million years old – was found in Florissant, Colorado.
  • Rose hips contain more Vitamin C than any other fruit or vegetable.
  • Mythology says that roses grew thorns when Cupid accidentally shot an arrow into a rose garden.
  • On Valentine’s Day in 2010, a whopping 198 million roses were sold in the United States.
  • There are more than 15,000 different types of rose species and cultivated varieties worldwide.
  • About 60% of the roses grown in the U.S. are produced in California

Roses come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and can also be used in various ways. You can use them in a sweet bouquet, use the petals as a romantic accent, simply place them in a vase, the possibilities are endless! One way we like to incorporate roses at Elite OC Productions is using them in centerpieces, not only do they look and smell beautiful, they also create a dramatic and romantic ambiance and can enhance any atmosphere.

Below are some incredible ideas showcasing the utilization of roses in event design…

Thankful Thursday: AnQi Bistro



















We want to dedicate every Thursday from here on out to something that we’re thankful for; whether it be a vendor, person, website, venue, etc. This Thursday we want to appropriate our special thanks to AnQi Bistro at Bloomingdale’s, South Coast Plaza.

What makes AnQi so special..? Well, aside from the great food, chic and sophisticated environment, soothing and stylish ambiance … AnQi is a great place for events! AnQi’s chic design employs a front-and-center catwalk(a small feature that makes it a great venue). One Wednesday every month, AnQi hosts a beautiful evening of dinner and a fashion show, or as AnQi puts it “A Fusion of Couture and Cuisine”. If you’re lucky enough to get a reservation the food and fashion wont let you down!

The catwalk isn’t the only unique and stylish thing about AnQi, they also have incredibly stylized dishes which take cues from its sister eatery, Crustacean in Los Angeles; you’ve probably heard about their crave worthy garlic noodles. Not only do they serve an amazing array of classic dishes.. they also employ the use of “Bistronomy”, a combination of the words “bistro” and “gastronomy” a.k.a. science food (molecular gastronomy for the foodies). AnQi features a menu that showcases Executive Chef  Helen An’s Vietnamese fusion cuisine and emphasizes healthy dishes that utilize Asian ingredients while incorporating elements of quintessential French cuisine.

We absolutely love creating fabulous events in your truly unique and chic space and always look forward to working with you!

Thank you so much AnQi and everyone who attends our events!

to learn more about AnQi by Crustacean visit their website at

6 Easy Wednesday DIY’s brought to you by Elite OC Productions!

























1.Use a Window Shutter as a Letter Holder.

-This one is pretty self explanatory… just paint your old window shutter to your color of preference and hang!

2.Create a Flower Mirror out of Plastic Spoons.

-Paint cheap plastic spoons and organize in a circular pattern.. glue everything together, and you’re good to go!

3.Turn Cheap Frames into Quirky/Cute Chalkboards

-Paint the frames, and then paint the glass with chalkboard paint

4.Glue Corks into a Picture Frame to Make a Bulletin Board.

-Glue those corks you’ve been collecting over the years into any frame and you have yourself a truly unique bulletin board!

5.Use old Christmas Ornaments to Create a Bubble Chandelier.

-Tie Christmas ornaments to look like bubbles and either point a light toward the piece (it will absorb the light) or, for the more experienced DIYers, place lights inside some of the ornaments.

6.Make String Art with a Piece of Wood and Some Nails.

-Hammer the nails into any pattern of your choice and string away!

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